Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Once and for all

This is my first post from sabah & also would be the last post of this year.

So many things happen during the long leave...as it had always been when i'm back at home for a holiday. Happy...jolly n merry...mad..sad...frustrating-to the point of giving up...mixed feelings about everything...
But i guess there's really nothing i can do to force something to happen or to make everything as i wish it to. Maybe i should just leave it to faith...And i should always remember not to make up my mind on something when i'm in a state of being mad, sad or upset...and even happy...because over emotional clouded our way of thinking and seeing things as we supposed to. Rational and realistic.

To tell & share it all here would not be possible not to mention inappropriate as most of it is very very personal...but telling it here..without actually telling anything..well at least trying and letting a bit out actually help. even if it's just a tiny bit.

Some things are just so hard for me and the people close to me, that at times i wonder if it will ever gets better. What would it takes to make it all right again...does someone have to die? or get crazy? maybe then a blind eyes can see and a numb heart can start beating again [eyes & heart are two different pple]....i don't know.

Apart from that...everything else is just so so and interesting things did happen to me every now and then...

All in all....2008 is just another experience to add as i grew older every year & i would keep some & bury the rest. One thing i really want to tell to all of the people who get to know me and be part of my life, i really want to thank you for just about everything...whatever it is...regardless of the reason...even if it's not a happy one...even if it takes just a fraction of second...the fact is, we have crossed path & able to journey together...2 miles...2 blocks away...5minutes of exchanged smile...it helps to finish the sketch of my life and put all the colors in.

Ntah apa sda sy merepek...but really...thanks ;)

New year is closely approaching and just like everyone else, i really really hope that it will be a new beginning and new everything to me...maybe not all new but at least much way better...and i know it's up to me to make it so.

And i'm sorry...... i really am... to the things that i should apologize. i know it..and you know it...everyone of you that feel that i owe you one....manatau ada sy lupa..hehe

I wish you all a great and blessed year ahead. ;) cheers!

p/s i used to hate the 'cheers' word because the bitch that fcuk my ex away said that to me.
Did i just typed that? hehe...ok....no hard feelings...cheers again! ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm packing & i'm going home tomorrow. ;) so happy & so excited...& so nervous..apa la..hahaha
See you guys when i see you...hihihi
bye!! Merry Christmas again...and happy new year....hahhha

O Holy Night

Begone with the failed attempt of blood donation, i decide to get on with the Christmas mood & also the fact that i'm flying to KK tomorrow! yeay! ;)

I really hope you guys will enjoy this song just like i did. ;) I know i should not have any favorite, because it's Christmas songs, and we should love it all...but off all the songs, i love O Holy Night the most. ;) I love all the version done to the song. You should listen to Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera...or Celine Dion for a soprano effect. ;) or even just the simple choir version.

Back when i was a kid, me and my elder sister used to be in the Stella Maris Children Liturgy & join the Christmas choir every year. I can proudly say that our group is one of the best Christmas choir group around KK. Uncle Neil Mah is our music leader. Trust me, he's very good. Being a kid & not so large group, we only did 1st voice, 2nd & 3rd voice but it was very very good already. Owh i miss it so much.

We went to all the YB's houses & also non-YB of course & i remember all the foods were delicious. hihi Tau la ba budak2 kan...asal makanan sja trus gembira, ada lagi ready sda plastik di poket mo tapau...hihihi sampai rumah kasi baris susun tu minuman kotak..gembira sda tgk byk2...semangat lagi mau pegi besok.

Have a merry merry Christmas to all of you..and if you can't find it in you..you will find it in someone else...so we all have to share our bits of everything during this season. And also to remember the reason behind the celebration & not simply drinking lots and lots of tapai.

Again, have a wonderful time especially with your family & your loved ones...May God bless us all. ;)

Mission Failed

Sy sungguh sedih. Sudah berminggu2 sy makan hati ayam...semalam juga sy tdur lebih awal dari biasa..dan sy juga sememangnya makan banyak setiap hari.
Akhirnya bila hari penentuan tiba, sy masih gagal lg mahu menderma. tsk tsk Hb kurang mencukupi. sy sgt sedih. bunuh la sy.

Tiap kali kalau sy tidak berjaya menderma, perasaan kecewa memang sgt mendalam. kasihan sungguh sy. Apa yg cuba sy lakukan hanya lah untuk kebaikan manusia sejagat. Jadi mengapa tidak diizinkan Tuhan? tsk tsk...

sy masih kecewa.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beyonce ft R Kelly - If I Were A Boy?

Well i'm not sure if it's really R Kelly but it sounds good. ;) Remember when Eamon sing the song 'Fuck It'? Frankee then make the other version of 'Fuck You right Back'...and when Sean Paul sing the 'Beautiful Girl', Jojo make another version too...hehe and i don't know if you ever heard of it but some guy did the Beyonce's song 'Irreplacable' too...the lyrics are funny..hihi

sy malas mo cari codes ka atau mo kasi tu link lagu/video cni..busy kunun..if u guys berminat..p cari sndri...kalau nda lg senang..duduk diam2..haha

if i were a boy remix - beyonce ft r. kelly

Jonas Brothers - Lovebug

Jonas Brothers - Lovebug - Official Music Video

i prefer the other version of this song tho...;)

Sunday, December 14, 2008


At last...

13 Dec 08, 11am - up from bed, started cleaning & packing.
13 Dec 08, 1pm - still cleaning & packing.
13 Dec 08, 3pm - start moving things to the new house trip by trip.
13 Dec 08, 7pm - 3rd trip...
13 Dec 08, 11pm - Final trip for the day.
13 Dec 08, 11.30pm - started cleaning the new room, unpacked.
14 Dec 08 1.00am - new room is fit to stay in for the night.
14 Dec 08, 1.30am - freshen up & went supper...stay a while for the ManU & Spurs match.
14 Dec 08, 2.30am - at new home & watch heroes ;)
14 Dec 08, 4.30am - did a small prayer for the new house & new room...read a chapter in the bible.
14 Dec 08, 4.45am - sleeping for the 1st time in new room & new house. felt different, uneasy. put the bible beside the pillow. sleep.
14 Dec 08, 10.00am - woke up. felt confuse & eyes blinking around the unfamiliar room. found out that it's the new house. silly me.
14 Dec 08, 11.30am - went to the workshop to settle/spray the scratched driver's car door. still sakit ati with the unknown stupid asshole who did it. the place closed. forgot that it's Sunday. shit. went for lunch instead.
14 Dec 08, 12.30pm - again, went to the old house, finish all the packing & emptying the house. cleaning again.
14 Dec 08, 2.45pm - back at the new house. sat and rest in front of the house. at the road side actually. take a puff & sighing a relief over the finish packing & moving. all the unpacking & cleaning for the new house can wait.
14 Dec, 3.00pm - at the room, typing this post.

bye bye house... ;)

That's how my Saturday & Sunday are filled with. So damn tired & muscle aching all over...but it's kind of a workout i guess cos my arms & thigh feel like muscling up...toned. hehe


So..bye bye to the old house that i lived in for only 2months, and welcome to myself to the new house that i hope would last for as long as i'm still working around here. This new house is smaller than the previous one, no balcony outside my room, my room a bit smaller but at least there are not much hassle with the owner, this n that probs like it did with the old one. I have a good feeling about this. ;) i hope i'm right this time.

The end.

Friday, December 12, 2008

To be or not to be

I'm exhausted.

Not enough sleep for 3nights in a row is not something my current body is used to. Lain la kalau mcm masih muda2 dlu..tia tdur 1minggu pun blh lumpat2 lg..miss the old good days..[sigh]

I went for my first meeting with the Bosch customer in Penang island today. As a Mech Dev + DFM engineer. My big boss requested to my superior to send me to the meeting instead of him whom is the DFM guy. I was lucky as the project discussed only require a minimal mechanical parts to quote.

I've been hearing about this new appointed job for me for quite some time already & i've been wondering (worrying actually) if i can do it right. As for my current job, i'm incharge of the very early stage of any project & once the project is awarded, i only have to worry about any design change or packaging requirement. And if i make any small mistake, it would still be okay because i can always update or redesign and i won't actually cause any major trouble to the company.

But now... if i'm really going to be appointed to this DFM job, it would be 100% technical issues & i can't afford to make even a single mistake or else i would cost the company hundreds thousand bucks. That's what really scary.

For going to the meeting today, that was suppose to be my very first training as a DFM+MechDev Eng. I cannot pass to others my current job because the company do not want to hire a new engineer. Mati la...even with my job now, when it gets really busy, going to the toilet require a second thought...

I'm going to have a very hard time mastering all the technical issues with my limited experience but i really want to do it right. Even communicating with colleagues, supplier or customer have always been a bit difficult as they tend to talk in chinese among themselves. That's why i may only do the training for the Bosch Malaysia but i will handle the actual projects from Euro customer in future. Well that's what i heard...i don't know...nothing is certain within the company for the last few months in impact of the global economy crisis.

I'm motivating myself & i'm optimistic. I can do it. Yes, i can. ;)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Save me

What is wrong with me?
Tonight is the second row at night that i can't sleep. My mind's tired and my body's aching. Still....I'm tossing around on my bed trying to find the exact comfy position so i can eventually fall asleep. but no. Here i am typing this post. I can't possibly resort to take the cough syrup again..[sigh] I wish i can sleep like the lady in that picture.

Sleeping is such an utter bliss. If i manage tho.

What was it that i did to deserve such cruelty to not be able to indulge myself in paradise of mind resting as sleeping. What! [ggrrr]

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It often baffle me on how some people can actually be animal cruel to each other..even animal at times shows more kindness than we human did.. Cruelty in such a way that they closed their eyes & ears to those seeking for their help & assistance. When someone is dying, how can you possibly feel nothing towards the person & the people who love him/her? How can you merely watch with disinterest or let ignorance wins over the responsibility as a fellow human being?

I have just read thoroughly the news over the tragedy of the landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa & i'm really saddened by this article below.


I can just imagine how wretched the husband of Eng Yee Peng must have felt over the whole incident especially when those bastard rescuers whom he asked for help just simply threw him a spade & ask him to dig amidst the ruins himself to save his wife.

God bless each & everyone of those who have been affected by the tragedy & i really hope justice would prevail in the end.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A date

"God created dating so that a woman could discover the bad news about a man before she gets involved with him, not after. It is something you do to find out whether or not you want to be with the man...so take your time."

Friday, December 5, 2008


I always look forward to a blood donation program since like forever.
I don't really know how to tell why i love doing it so much but what i can tell is, it really feels good afterward.

And it's really not like i am being a saint or anything as i am far from that. Maybe it's the feeling of making a small difference to the life of others..i don't know...
I just love doing it. end of explanation. ;)

Around that time, i have to control my eating & drinking habit for sure. I don't want to not be able to donate for that day.

No alcohol consumption within days before, exercising a bit for a good blood pressure & eating lots and lots of chicken liver or anything that can help to increase the possibility of donating. Because sadly for me...a few times i have not been able to donate because of low blood pressure & Hb... sigh~

but no matter..i think this time should be no problem as i have gain a few weight so maybe that would help? hehe

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thought For The Day

Alcohol may not be the answer to all the questions... but alcohol helps you to forget the entire question itself...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Conserve Water, Drink Beer

The art of beer brewing is almost as old as civilization itself and, along with bread making, is probably the most ancient form of manufacturing known to man. The Chinese were known to have brewed beer some 5000 years ago and the ancient Babylonians perfected the art-a tablet in New York's Metropolitan Museum records the production of several different types of beer. Beer brewing in Australia began around 1794, encouraged by a government anxious to prevent the excessive consumption of rum.

What do we do without it eh...
The lingering sensation after a sip or two, a taste between hop bitterness & malt sweetness. Now i'm definitely getting a glass after work. ;)

As Christmas is getting nearer & the festive mood can be feel all around...here are a few tips from Reader's Digest mag, so no one would waste any tins of beer during the jolly holiday...sy tau mmg byk supply tu nti, sepuluh 4 ka sembilan 3 ka...tia tau la brapa sda rate dia skg...hehe I have yet to try these tips tho.

Use as a setting lotion
Put some life back into flat hair with some flat beer. Before you get into the shower, mix 3 tablespoons of beer in 1/2 cup of warm water. After you shampoo your hair, rub in the solution, let it set for a couple of minutes, then rinse it off.

Clean wooden furniture
Have you got some beer that's old or gone flat? Use it to clean wooden furniture. Just wipe it on with a soft cloth, and then off with another dry cloth.

Soften up tough meat
Who would have guessed that beer makes a great tenderizer for tough, inexpensive cuts of meat? Pour a ca over the meat and leave it to soak in for about an hour before cooking. Even better, marinate it overnight in the fridge or put the beer in your slow cooker with the meat.

Good Luck & live our life with beer.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I have just filled up the leave application form which if approved, then i'll be holidaying from 19Dec til 4Jan.....yeeehaaaa......hihihi

semoga hati bos ku yg hensem senang2 harini supaya leave kana approve. Amen.


Saturday, November 29, 2008


The site, http://nanatz.blogspot.com is having a major problem. Our technical team is currently looking into the matter. It'll be back for service once it has been resolved

Should you have any queries please visit me through my cbox

I apology for any inconvenience

Best Regards

29th Nov 2008, I finally managed to export the old blog to this new blog. There was something wrong with the old blog where it wouldn't allow more than 1 column display. First suspect was the coding within the post itself where some of them were created by the method of "copy-paste" from a Microsoft Word document which then translated its own query onto the blog post body. Apparently,this coding had made major changes on some of the template layout configuration, especially margin and padding positioning.

I tried to revive the column by editing the html coding but to no avail even with a new default template was loaded, replacing the original coding.

I decided to import-export that old-troublesome blog to this new location by using the same url link as most of you've noticed.


Friday, November 28, 2008

what happen today

I don't know what happen to my blog & i don't know why but there's some error that makes all the contents listed in one column...but no matter...no matter....i know Wel can help me put it right later....hehe minta2 kana tulung ni Wel...

So....apart from that..as it is Friday..the day of laziness, i'm enjoying myself making fun of my own pictures...hehe

Presenting.....the greeaatt.....Claire Bennet....hehe

the great witch on the run...hehe

i know you love me..but isn't the tattooing a lil bit too much dear...hahaha


uina..who's that?? hahahaha


Thursday, November 27, 2008

The People Declaration

...extracted from the declaration, here are bits of the points that caught my attention & interest;

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
We, Malaysians of all races and of various faiths, pledge to uphold at all times the foundational principles of the Malaysian Constitution, namely... A federal administrative system that fulfills its responsibilities, and protection and respect for the special position of Sabah and Sarawak

We will initiate measures to build and foster unity among the various ethnic and religious groups, having as our aim the evolution of a people with the common aspiration of justice and equality for all. To that end, we will... pay special attention to the Orang Asli in the Peninsula and all the indigenous groups in Sabah and Sarawak, and amend various laws and regulations pertaining to them so that justice is served, including establishing a Commission to protect Native Customary Rights (NCR) land and to resolve disputes relating to such lands while respecting their traditions and customs;

... strengthen national integration by restoring the rights and privileges that were promised to the people of Sabah and Sarawak Genuine democracy must provide meaningful space for the people to express their views and to participate in various processes of daily administration and not merely to voting once in five years. All interest groups must be allowed to present and debate their views. Information will be free available subject to strictly defined restrictions. To that end, we will

... repeal the Internal Security Act and and all laws that presently permit detention without trial. Reducing the people's burden:

... Reduce the fares of domestic flights between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak to promote national unity and domestic tourism

... Develop the road system in Sabah and Sarawak... Give priority to projects which generate the greatest benefit to the people, projects such as medium and low-cost housing, modernization of the railway system, road projects in Sabah and Sarawak, and others

Education:... Improve standards and facilities for schools in the interior, especially in Sabah and Sarawak... Recognise the right to study the mother tongue like Chinese, Tamil, Iban, Kadazandusun and others in schools, and improve the implementation of policies on mother tongue education, so that it is more efficient and responsive to the demands of parents. Trained mother tongue language teachers must be supplied by government schools when at least ten students need such teachers, and the training of mother tongue teachers must be improved at teacher training colleges and public institutions of higher learning

Women:... Protect the rights and welfare of women who have been abandoned by their husbands without any reasonable support... Enforce strictly laws regarding the rights, interests and dignity of women and abolish laws and regulations that discriminate against women

and so forth....many other things covered but in my journey of supporting the rights of my beloved people in Sabah, listed above are my priorities to fight for..who else are going to care & worry about us other that we ourselves?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Check & Balance

I personally like this particular article very much.


If there's a crisis we are facing, the easiest & smartest way to solve it is to list down all the problems in priority order & u can actually look at it much more clearly & then you will know what to do so that you can at least tackle half of it.

Why do i seems to have so much passion for politic & rights when most of us must be thinking that it actually has nothing to do with them?

Simple explanation.
I can't sit & do nothing and I can't also pretend i don't care when i know something can actually be put straight.

And it also not entirely politic that make me keep on track. Politic only brings frustration & unneeded bewilderment. But the fact that it also brings out many great men/women & not to mention informative articles & mind blowing opinions, makes politic worth peeking on.

The only problem is that sometimes it's feels like it's beyond our control so that's why i think most people just don't want to bother about it.

I'm not exactly going to talk about politic in this entry. What i really want to stress on is that it just cross my mind a second after reading the above article (refer to link), that somehow all the things that i have been worrying can actually be solve if the most important issues & problem back in my homeland can be prioritize in a correct order & also if there is someone who actually can & want (not to mention capable) to do something about it.

Let me try to list out all the main problems we Sabahan face in our land.

1. Violation of the 20 Point Agreement
2. Lack of Competent Leaders
3. Corruption
4. Terrible rate of poverty
5. Poor education system
6. Attitude

I know there are more but then let me only take these 6 points here.
If we follow like how on the article did, solving item 1 can ensure our rights on control over our own land by our own people.

The rights to control over;-
1. Immigration - so the issue of the overly populated illegal immigrants will not be as bad as now because then the federal government should not be able to veto the entry of persons into Sabah and manipulated its purpose solely for political interest.

2. Tariffs and finance - so that our money from our rich reserves can be used back for our own development. We are to share so unfairly among the other state & left us with not even a handful of grasp.

3. Education - so that the budget for education is not controlled by the federal government.

4. Representation in Parliament - so that our voice & woes can actually be heard & that Malaysia can start to think equally of us as a fellow Malaysian & not just some forgotten-not-important part of the country.

5. Land, forests, local government, etc;- so that the federal can not nationalize our oil and gas resources. Why choose to give the state only a 5 percent royalty? Several requests for an increase in royalty to 20 percent were unheeded.

There are 15 other point left to be discuss but just these 5 points are enough to see just how vital the 20 points agreement is. There are many who will challenge this especially those from west M'sia who find that taking out their passport to the officer at the KK airport is irritating & seems unfair as we from Borneo can just go in and out to their side of land with no such hustle...but see how this violation makes us sabahan? Tun Abdul Rahman the 1st prime minister promise to take care of us Sabah & Sarawak so that we can move foward and be developed equally as in Peninsular. Does the promises fullfilled? We don't ask that long of the agreement to take place...just enough till all is taken care of. After that, it can be revise which suited best interest. But now...we are still the poorest state despite our abundance natural resources & there are still no mutual sense of belonging to the country regardless of the fact that Malaysia is formed in 16 September 1963 & not 31 August 1957 & just see how blatantly those people opposed an appreciation for the day which means public holiday for all.

Can't you see how items 4, 5 & 6 can take care of themselves if we solve item 1 first. And if item 2 can be look into, that should tackle item 3 effectively.

I do not want to start on us Sabahan to start producing intelligent minds & capable youth as i'm neither one nor the other.

The concern here to me is...if all above can actually be done...then i can stop worrying so much of the state of my family well-being especially in case of money where it matter most in this recent economic slowdown. And also it can help to create awareness among my cousins & relatives that education is important so that even if it makes individual difficult to drive, it makes them easy to lead & govern - put fresh idea in their mind, and at least it will be impossible for them to be enslave - which is a good thing.

And maybe then, all good things will start to come for everyone of us in whatever that is we wish for....happiness...sense of security....acknowledgement...or maybe just satisfaction in equality.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

God Do Exist

A man went to a barbershop to have his hair cut and his beard trimmed. As the barber began to work, they began to have a good conversation. They talked about so many things and various subjects. When they eventually touched on the subject of God, the barber said:"I don't believe that God exists."

"Why do you say that?" asked the customer. "Well, you just have to go out in the street to realize that God doesn't exist. Tell me, if God exists, would there be so many sick people?

Would there be abandoned children?
If God existed, there would be neither suffering nor pain.

I can't imagine a loving God who would allow all of these things. The customer thought for a moment, but didn't respond because he didn't want to start an argument.

The barber finished his job and the customer left the shop. Just after he left the barbershop, he saw a man in the street with long, stringy, dirty hair and an untrimmed beard. He looked dirty and unkempt. The customer turned back and entered the barber shop again and he said to the barber:

"You know what? Barbers do not exist.
"How can you say that?" asked the surprised barber. "I am here, and I am a barber. And I just worked on you!"

"No!" the customer exclaimed. "Barbers don't exist because if they did, there would be no people with dirty long hair and untrimmed beards, like that man outside."

"Ah, but barbers DO exist! That's what happens when people do not come to me."
"Exactly!" affirmed the customer.

"That's the point! God, too, DOES exist! That's what happens when people do not go to Him and don't look to Him for help. That's why there's so much pain and suffering in the world."

one of the best explanations of why God allows pain and suffering that I have seen...


"I have found the paradox, that if you Love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more Love." - Mother Theresa

I wish everyone of us have more love, more empathy & more kindness in our heart for those around us. - Claire

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mr Johnny Boy

Johnny wanted to have sex with a girl in his office,
but she belonged to someone else...

One day, Johnny got so frustrated that he went up to her and said, "I'll give you a $100 if you let me screw you.
But the girl said NO.

Johnny said, "I'll be fast. I'll throw the money on the floor, you bend down, and I'll be finished by the time you pick it up."

She thought for a moment and said that she would have to consult her boyfriend...
So she called her boyfriend and told him the story.

Her boyfriend says, "Ask him for $200, pick up the money very fast, he won't even be able to get his pants down."

So she agrees and accepts the proposal.
Half an hour goes by, and the boyfriend is waiting for his girlfriend to call.

Finally, after 45 minutes, the boyfriend calls and asks what happened.
She responded, "The bastard used coins!"

p/s Moral dia...kalau mau tipu mesti mau campin..kalau nda jadi gni la...si Johnny yg untung...hihi

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Year Ago Today

Without realizing it..i get through The Day on Nov surprisingly okay. It's the day everyone of us dreaded in any point of our life...when everything reminds you of mixed bitter & happy memories...when all this time you were trying hard not to let your mind think of the things that you don't want to think...convincing your heart every minute of every day that there's nothing left for you to linger on & that you just don't care anymore...

however inevitable it may be..the day will come when suddenly, all are crystal clear...and you have to admit...you miss him.

But i realize that it was like looking at someone else life.

The memories were all there...but the pain couldn't really hurt me anymore. I guess i must have really move on then.

This song really have nothing to do with what i meant in this post..neither it has with my mood today...it just seems like the song i wanted to listen to at this moment...even if the lyrics are not entirely true, considering that i pick it up for this entry...

"Another year older

A little bit stronger

A little bit wiser than? a year ago today

Looking over my shoulder

I was so much younger then

I cant believe what happened

A year ago today

And I just forget about it

It wouldnt mean a thing

You went away

A year ago today

Another year gone by

Oh the tears have run dry

Life seemed so unkind

A year ago today

And I just cant understand it

And I dont think I ever will

You went away

A year ago today

And how many times have I questioned myself

What more could I do

And how many times did I fool myself

Over you oh? yeah

Youve gotta pick yourself up,

Take another look

And dust yourself off cause lifes not too good,

Ill say it to myself and Ill say it again

Lover will never end

And though were so far apart

Youre forever in my heart

Another year older

A little bit stronger

On this anniversary

Youre watching over me

You went away

A year ago today" - Delta Goodrem

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's not so paradise after all

Now all my sleepiness or drowsiness earlier today have all gone after one phone call.

Nina just called me and told me everything about what happened. Apparently, the Borneo Paradise (that's where we plan to do our reunion) had just experience change of management. In short, all our previous quotation/inquiry//budget/booking...etc..etc...is not valid anymore...

I was speechless for awhile when Nina told me about this. We have planned about this reunion for like half a year earlier already...dari tahun lepas cadang then volunteer la mau urus start kira2 awal tahun ini...Maybe there's a bit of mistake from our part because we never set a Plan B but still if that place have any respect & value for their customer, they would take all necessary action required. Was it our fault that the management decide to change hands? huh...

Yang bikin panas dia, it was like we never even do any deals with them...setengah tahun sda bincang psl tu tarikh sm durang then tiba2 cakap tu tarikh mcm nda available sda..ada kunun rombongan lain book..Hello? Around June this year the rooms was still very much available..knp la skg penuh..

mm..so we decided to find another alternative place for about only a month left now and if we can get it then it would be great but if we can not get it then terpaksa la stick sja sm ni tempat skg dan bayar lebih...tu pun kalau ada bilik available lagi...dogGONE btl!!

be positive girl....everything can still be settled in time..

p/s If by some miracle we manage to find some place else better for the reunion venue, I'll make sure the Borneo Paradise boss & management get some bloody complaint letter from me. You wait. Because no matter what, "customer always right". And it's goddamn true that we are right in this one.

well, maybe half right. but they still going to get that complaint letter from me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


For the first time in my life, i made a police report yesterday evening.
For attempted physical & emotional harassment by a guy who've been tailing me everyday from work to my house for the past three weeks.
Yeah. You read me right. Someone scary was following me.

This is actually a very long story & i never thought of posting about it because that bastard is not worth even a second of my time.

But about a month now, he had been waiting for me in some junction near the company so that i will not be aware of his presence & will follow me closely until i reached my home which was never. I will drive around the housing area or stop in front of shops to get rid of him. I even shouted at him before to stop following me & to leave me alone.

"Awak boleh tak jangan kacau sy lagi? Tak faham2 bahasa ke?"

And he will try to form words from his mouth which i barely listen to everytime because i will raised the car window up before he get time to put his hand inside the car & open the door.

You have no idea how much all this recent event had made me feel. Sometimes i can't help from crying when i'm so frustrated because i can't get away from him but i wanted to go home but i can not let him know exactly where my house is or else something worse may even happen.

I really don't feel like sharing this. I don't want to think for even a second about it.
It's really scary & i'm not yet ready to lose my sanity.

Girls, be aware of these things & never to wait until it's too late.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Weekend

My weekend was good. I sound like trying to convince myself that.
It WAS good okay. We have drinks...we went to the pool..jet ski & on horse. Well i did not went on the jet ski & i only sit on a walking horse...but nevertheless it was very fun & i made few new friends.
Then why am i still feeling like this? Like something is amiss.

I'm trying not to think of any silly & negative thoughts now....

Friday, November 7, 2008

RPK to be freed this afternoon! (Updated)

Oh my...i'm very very very happy after knowing that RPK will be freed today. It's such a great relief! ;) I wish i can be at the court & watch the scene...

i guess Obama winning must have something to do with this. Yes We Can!!!!!


Updated: He's really is a free man...yeay! i just wish the same thing would have happen to the other detainees such as Hindraf's people. Fighting for your own rights is totally not a terrorism! Stupid Albar there. Now..now i'm not going to let that stupid moron taint my jubilation...;)


p/s i'll wear the t-shirt today for a show of full support!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama In History

source: Malaysian Insider

Barack Obama is the first black president of America.
The question now for us Malaysian is....can we move forward & take this example of democracy & equality regardless of race, skin color or religious belief to achieve Malaysia for All?

Love Is In The Air

I think i'm in love. or infatuation. whatever you call it. maybe it's mutual.....or not. i don't care.

I realize about it deep inside my heart for quite some time already, i just try not to bother about it so much because i know i'll get over it or he'll be off my mind in no time...why? because there's really nothing i can do to make me & Mr Charming together. The option is unthinkable & impossible. And he doesn't even have the same feeling towards me anyway. So, i thought forgetting him would be easy enough.

How wrong i was.

My mind would often wander back at the first time we made eye contact on that particular night. It was quite hard to describe. I heard someone coming from the gate & i tilted my head to look..and found myself face to face with him & for a fraction of second, i saw something flickered in his eyes. Maybe it's just an expression people had over familiarity but i like to think of it as because he felt the chemistry too.

Then he asked me out a few days after that.
I got in the car, he kissed me on the cheek & told me i looked great. That...should be the perfect first date for me. ;) He was & still is the perfect gentleman. He never let me out of sight throughout the night & hold me every now & then just to show that he's there. ;)

"Where have you been? I've been looking for you." said Mr Charming
"Owh..i just need to go to the washroom..." I feebly answered.
"You should have told me & i can walk you there."

I simply stare at him. It actually felt so surreal at that time. No one ever made me felt quite like that before. Well, a perfect gentleman is known to be a rare breed. It's just that there's no pretentious there & it was as if that's how he's always been. His own self that is cool, romantic (in a good way of course) & funny. Plus, he's a very good dancer. We just.....click.

Tell me...How can someone look that good, that charming and not showing typical pretentious at the same time? Owh..i have my fair share of being in & out of relationship...so i'll know right away if the guy is a fake or simply not my type.

Why why & why do i always ended up liking someone who does not feel the way i do...or someone who's not available. Maybe it's true that all the good guys are pretty much taken.

And i'll be seeing him again soon. I know i should stop this while i can. and of course somehow...sooner or later..it really has to stop [isk..] Even right from the start, the relationship spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e. I'll get hurt in the end. But as always, i guess it's worth it for the time being. ;) It's not like i have anything better to do anyway. and as a single most available lady..i can do pretty much anything i wanted to. and also i'm not asking anything from him anyway. just a comfortable & nice company will do. ok...good excuse. clever me. plus it's about time i start seeing someone. or maybe not...not like this..owh God..i'm doomed.

p/s I had a mental argument about posting this entry...but there's a very good chance of me exploding over a build up of uncertainty & confusion.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


PISCES - The Dreamer (Feb 19 - Mar 20)
Generous, kind, and thoughtful. Very creative and imaginative. May become secretive and vague. Tends to be overly-sensitive. Doesn't like details. Dreamy and unrealistic. Sympathetic and loving. Kind. Unselfish. Good kisser. Beautiful.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lessons For a Lifetime..

p/s Chelsea win big!! 5-0 for cheese sake! he he

Friday, October 31, 2008

Screw you

"Claire, do you have any songs for me now? I feel terrible."

Mr N asked me for a song last night. The purpose was solely to make him feel at least a lil' bit better & of course for him to express his anger or sadness in a right way after a huge fight with his bitchy girlfriend. He was thinking of breaking up with her. [well..i hope all he did was listen..any girl would not want to be at the end receiver of this song..hehe]

So i decided to give him this song. Here's the lyrics...


Loose lips sunk ships
I'm getting to grips with what you said
No it's not in my head
I can´t awaken the dead, day after day
Why don't we talk about it?
Why do you always doubt that there can be a better way?
It doesn't make me wanna stay

Why don't we break up?
There's nothing left to say
I've got my eyes shut
Praying they won't stray
And we're not sexed up
That's what makes the difference today
I hope you blow away

You say we're fatally flawed
When I'm easily bored, is that ok?
Write me off your list
Make this the last kiss, I'll walk away
Why don't we talk about it?
I'm only here don't shout it
Given time we'll forget
Let's pretend we never met

Screw you, I didn't like your taste
Anyway, I chose you and that's all gone to waste
It's Saturday, I'll go out
And find another you

Well i agree it's a bit harsh so this song only apply to anyone feeling really hurt to the point of losing their mind. [hehe]

So...if you ever wish you have just the right word & the right song to tell someone how you feel..or just to feel the mood of it...don't hesitate to ask me & i'll try to help you find just the right tracks. [wink2]

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yesterday & Today

la la la.....ha ha ha...[grinning shamelessly]

Nothing than this...Chelsea beating up Hull City 3-0 can make my morning any better..After the frustration & sadness for the last match...now i can bring back a big smile on my face. he he he [still grinning like a cat!]

Anyway, a bit moment sharing with what i've been up to yesterday. Went to the Tambun Herbal Sauna for a healthy exercise & calorie burning. [wink2] Then, went to eat seafood at the Floating Seafood Restaurant to celebrate Henry's birthday...the food was yummy & delicious..followed by a few bottles of beer to close the eventfull night..haha so much for my sauna-calorie-fats burning!

Then today, i'm on training for the ISO/TS16949 understanding...gonna hurry up for this post. The training start at 9am!

Later peeps...;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RM100 an hour

A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year old son waiting for him at the door.

SON: 'Daddy, may I ask you a question?'
DAD: 'Yeah sure, what is it?' replied the man.
SON: 'Daddy, how much do you make an hour?'
DAD: 'That's none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing?' the man said angrily.
SON: 'I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?'
DAD: 'If you must know, I make RM100 an hour.'
SON: 'Oh,' the little boy replied, with his head down.
SON: 'Daddy, may I please borrow RM50?'

The father was furious, 'If the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, then you march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. Think about why you are being so selfish. I work hard everyday for such this childish behavior.'

The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door.

The man sat down and started to get even angrier about the little boy's questions. How dare he ask such questions only to get some money? After about an hour or so, the man had calmed down, and started to think: Maybe there was something he really needed to buy with that Rs.50 and he really didn't ask for money very often. The man went to the door of the little boy's room and opened the door.

'Are you asleep, son?' He asked.
'No daddy, I'm awake,' replied the boy.

'I've been thinking, maybe I was too hard on you earlier' said the man.
'It's been a long day and I took out my aggravation on you. Here's the RM50 you asked for.'
The little boy sat straight up, smiling. 'Oh, thank you daddy!' He yelled.

Then, reaching under his pillow he pulled out some crumpled up bills. The man saw that the boy already had money, started to get angry again. The little boy slowly counted out his money, and then looked up at his father.

'Why do you want more money if you already have some?' the father grumbled.
'Because I didn't have enough, but now I do,' the little boy replied.
'Daddy, I have RM100 now. Can I buy an hour of your time? Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you.'

The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little son, and he begged for his forgiveness.

It's just a short reminder to all of you working so hard in life. We should not let time slip through our fingers without having spent some time with those who really matter to us, those close to our hearts.

Do remember to share that RM100 worth of your time with someone you love.

If we die tomorrow, the company that we are working for could easily replace us in a matter of days. But the family & friends we leave behind will feel the loss for the rest of their lives. And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more into work than to our family.

p/s Just another story for our own reflection..to make sure we give enough time for the right things & the right person...We may think we still have a lifetime to do all the things step by step..or like most people would like to say..'just go with the flow'..but the reality is, we never know if tomorrow would come for us or not..so make the most of your time everyday...do whatever you need to do...say whatever it is you need to say...[makes me miss home so much more...sigh]

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore


It might be hard to be lovers
But it's harder to be friends
Baby, pull down the covers
It's time you let me in
Maybe light a couple candles
I'll just go ahead and lock the door
If you just talk to me baby
Till we ain't strangers anymore

Lay your head on my pillow
I sit beside you on the bed
Don't you think its time we say
Some things we haven't said
It ain't too late to get back to that place
Back to where, we thought it was before
Why don't you look at me
Till we ain't strangers anymore

Sometimes it's hard to love me
Sometimes it's hard to love you too
I know it's hard believing
That love can pull us through
It would be so easy
To live your life

With one foot out the door
Just hold me baby
Till we ain't strangers anymore

It's hard to find forgiveness
When we just turn out the light
It's hard to say you're sorry
When you can't tell wrong from right
It would be so easy
To spend your whole damn life
Just keeping score
So let's get down to it baby
There ain't no need to lie

Tell me who you think you see
When you look into my eyes
Lets put our two hearts back together
And we'll leave the broken pieces on the floor
Make love with me baby
Till we ain't strangers anymore


No one is born happy. But all of us are born with the ability to create happiness.

Went picnic at Batu Feringghi yesterday. It was fun & healthy until the time to go back. I had a headache again. [sigh]

Peace to the world...

The picnic went surprisingly well tho. I got just a slight brown healthy shade of tan. Lying over the mat on the sand...thinking about things...this..and that...and finally decide to let it all go at that moment...so now, i'm quite empty & clear headed. [smile]

Walking back...

I don't quit or succumb easily for any reason before. I fight for it..even if some people told me it's not worth it.

But now...where does all of that gone to?
Maybe i'm tired of trying to figure out what's there for me...or if i'm in for anything...

"Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves." - Helen Keller

p/s And to add to my blurry meaning of happiness, Chelsea lost for the first time to Liverpool last Sunday..and it's Home for goat sake!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Round & Bouncy

I'm totally free today..no new project coming in yet..so i have all the time in the world. The only job i can think of is training myself to be more expert in Solidwork, so i've been drawing since morning.


So i surfed some websites on the internet every now & then, and i came across stories of sports that people love doing. Owh how i miss the good old days when the only important thing to me is doing all the sports i love. I would like to go on forever about it but it may tend to sound self proclaiming & besides, i could not possibly explain it in words. I just love it & when it comes to sport everything just comes naturally to me & felt like it's what i have always do in whichever lifetime i was in. ;)

We lost in the final but it was a very great game...(look how skinny i am during this time..i weigh only 45kg..now..add 10 more kg! haha)

My list of favourite sports;-
1. Basketball (i play guard most of the time)
2. Volleyball (used to be a spiker but later switch to a setter..sigh ;p)
3. Football/Futsal (Played in Harian Metro Futsal this year but lost badly..haha)
4. Softball (i scored home run during final of MASUM in 2005...hehe)
5. Netball (The first sport i learned..masa skolah rendah..dan plg byk kenangan)
6. Handball (best ba buli baling sekuat hati apa lagi kalau tgh membenci..haha)
7. Badminton (Never get to join any major competition..byk bola lain mau p lwn..haha)

....the other sports or games, i do play it if my friends ask me to but the list above is definitely my favourite.. ;)

Maybe this weekend i'll visit some friends in the campus & then go to play basketball with them...mmm sounds good to me. ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Girl & Mr A

I had an interesting conversation with Mr A at this time of day yesterday. Well it's more like a chatting really. ;)

"If you put a high hope on a girl then suddenly u want to stop doing that because maybe after some time, you found someone else..what do you think the girl would think of me?"

I was silent for a while.

"And i haven't said the 3 magic words. Don't worry."

Ok...again i was contemplating on how best to answer his questions.

"Instead of answering you, may i ask why do you need to stop? Which one do you actually like more?" I asked him.

"Well...honestly, i don't know." He typed after a few seconds.
"I like this one girl...and in terms of beauty...she really got it all..but this other one, i've been dying to tell her since decades ago of how much i like her but i never got the courage to do so..and now that i may have the chance to tell her, i have to decide between her & this girl i told you earlier."

I could not think of a suitable reply at first.

"Well...if you really think of what you want and about how you feel...i think you will know what to do..i mean which one to choose."

That was the answer i gave him. I knew it's not much of an answer but choosing was never easy so i didn't want to help him making the wrong one.

"The thing now is i'm a bit concerned of what the girls may think of me.....i just don't want to be labeled a player because i do have quite a bit of collection but i never actually declare anything to anyone..I was just taking time to understand each of the girls so that i know who is the right one." He typed with a smiley following closed after.

"Don't bother on what people may say about you. Or in this case..the other not chosen girls. Because at the end of the day, you are the one who want to be happy & necessary reject is required." I told him with a wink.

And we chat about it for quite some time................................................................................................ (i'll spare you the details you may not want to know...hehe)

Then we come to another interesting point of our conversation. Mr A was telling me that the real problem was that he's very choosy. And below is the criteria he would like on a girl. I was quite excited to wait till he gave all the details...(we girls do like to know what type of person a guy would generally interested to kan..hehe)

So i copy here the requirement for a girl for Mr A;-
1. Beautiful
2. Able to cook
3. Able to converse in mother tongue language
4. Loves children
5. Can make it feel so nervous saying the words (i was smiling on this part..hehe)
6. got magnetic impulse
7. (secret) haha...

And we talk about it which i also don't want to put into details here..;)....bla bla bla

Then he asked again what do i think of a 'collector guy'.
And i said, "If i know that the guy is still looking for the right one for him..then i guess it's just okay..i would not hold any grudges against him. It's his right to do even if he may hurt my feelings along the way because i've seen it coming. So whatever anyone decide, i won't blame or think bad of them. There's always reason you know. Be it bad or good."

"And what i may feel in between the relationship? Or maybe here it's what the other girls of yours may feel? I think they may feel insecure knowing that you have a lot of choices to consider. Not to mention if you are not really into them and they knew it...it will hurt actually."

I continue my preaching. [haha]

"Then they may feel angry with me for giving them false hope." Typed Mr A.

"Depends, but most probably they will think and feel that way. But if it's me...i don't think i will..i'll try to think of being in your shoes & i may even do the same thing...bukan lelaki sja ba yg mo pilih-memilih ni. But i give up quite fast lah..tu sja keburukan dia.."

"So..how if i keep things as it is for the time being? I mean untill someone give up..then i don't really have to choose?" Mr A typed in quickly.

"Then there's a tendency you'll lose someone good." Was my only reply.

"Yeah..that's right." Mr A answered me.

p/s cerita dia atas ada diubah sedikit kandungan nya utk melindungi tuan punya cerita..haha okay pkul 6.06 sda..buli balik rumah..hahaha oh ya..and to Mr A if you are reading this..i hope you'll not get angry with me for sharing this very interesting topic of yours k...hehe

buah-buahan tempatan dan org cannibal

Pada satu hari 3 orang lelaki telah sesat ke dalam hutan.

Mereka telah ditangkap oleh satu puak orang asli yang makan manusia (kira macam cerita cannibal holocaust la ni).

Ketua puak tu pun mengarahkan anak buahnya supaya membunuh ketiga lelaki itu utk dijadikan santapan.
Ketiga lelaki itu pun merayu dgn sepenuh hati supaya mereka dibebaskan.

Oleh kerana mereka merayu dgn bersungguh-sunggguh, ketua puak itu pun setuju utk melepaskan mereka dengan satu syarat.

Syaratnya ialah mereka perlu mencari 10 biji buah tempatan dalam masa sejam. “Ah.. ni simple punya keja“ kata mereka dalam hati.

Maka mereka pun berpecah ke dalam hutan untuk mencari buah-buahan tersebut dengan diiringi oleh beberapa lelaki dari puak tersebut.

Lelaki yang pertama keluar dengan membawa 10 buah nenas. Kemudian berkata ketua puak kepada anak buahnya, “Sumbatkan buah tersebut ke dalam punggungnya, kalau dia mengeluarkan bunyi, bunuh dia! Kalau dia boleh bertahan, kita lepaskan“ Lalu buah nenas itu pun disumbatkan kedalam punggung lelaki malang tersebut. Pada buah nenas yang kedua, lelaki itu pun menjerit dan dia pun dibunuh.

Kemudian lelaki kedua pun muncul. Dia membawa 10 biji ciku bersamanya. Dia pun dikenakan tindakan yang sama. Oleh kerana buah ciku kecil, lelaki itu dapat bertahan sehingga buah ciku yang kelapan. Pada masa ini, tiba-tiba lelaki tu ketawa. Maka dia pun dibunuh.

Apabila sudah mati, roh orang yang pertama pun berjumpa ngan roh orang yang kedua.

“Kenapa kamu ketawa pada buah ciku yang kelapan?“ tanya roh pertama.

Jawab roh yang kedua, “Aku nampak rakan ketiga kita tu keluar dengan membawa BUAH DURIAN!!“

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tray of tiredness

Sleeping late last night have drain my energy for today & i just can't wait to go back home but it also means another round of unpacking & cleaning...[sigh]

Luckily i'm only drawing easy stuff today...if it's anything else complicated design or a boring long list of part list, not to mention having a due date that says TOMORROW / URGENTLY / TODAY, i may get stressed & forced to curse everyone in the office...well at least silently.

Maybe i can smuggle this out after it is molded...[naughty2]

Drowsiness kills the cat...[yawn]

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This is going to be the last time i'm posting an entry here in this small room. The packing is almost 80% done & after this post, this pc would be the final item to go into the box...

I'm quite excited moving to a new house & new area...but also a bit worried if things are going to be okay at the new place. I am so tired now after the 3rd trip sending all the stuff to the new house...and i'm not really into making any new post but this just have to be done. The final moment. ;)

I have a lot of unpacking & cleaning stuff awaiting me after this so i better make this quick.

Goodbye my room & this house for i am going to a new one now...i'll still try to find a time to visit here but just incase i don't, be good to the new occupant of this room & i appreaciate you for giving me shelter for almost a year now...Don't be sad & change the wall to weathered old for the new living here ok...be good to them just like u've been good to me all this while..thanks Roomie & Housey...;)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cap Ibu dan Anak

I had trouble sleeping lately...ntah apa jg sy fikir...mmm mcm c Joy dlu pun pernah post psl susah tdur juga.. i did get some sleep but it's not enough..i'll feel so tired at work & i started getting minor headache...i just don't want it to further turn into one of those nasty migraine...

So last night..i decided that i have to do something about it...after a few attempt of trying to sleep which failed, i open up the already packed belongings (fyi, going to move out to new house this weekend) looking for the special potion for sleepiness...haha and aha! found it! secure nicely at the bottom of the box..took it out...& gulp!...sikit sja ba..jgn susa..hehe

biar la sy jadi penagih ubat batuk ni..haha

Nda juga la sy terus tertdur...pusing2 lagi skijap...then tia tau bila tu..akhirnya! tetdur jg sy..yeay hehe

And i woke up late this morning....i rushed up getting ready...speed a bit driving..doning my make-up while the red lights on the road...fuhh then...i get at the office at 7.58...yeay...mission accomplished! haha

i just hope tonight i won't be needing the potion anymore lah...
Mau buat special exercise kali ni kan....hehe

Thursday, October 16, 2008


"Claire.. hang ada masa, mai lobi amek bungkusan hang. Sat td sampai."

The lovely voice of the friendly receptionist greeted me on the phone. ;)
As i was not so busy these last few days, i decided not to wait & went to see what was waiting for me.

When i first saw the letters Firstclick Enterprise, i knew what inside of the parcel.
That was quick. I just ordered it on Tuesday! I got very excited & straightly opened it to see if it's the right size for me.

Then now just back from kena belanja makan oleh c billy sb dia baru beli kreta baru then masuk gaji 1st...hihi

The back of the shirt - No To ISA with Billy new car - Myvi (nda clear ba)


Kenyang nya kena belanja...nyum2

Yeah...i am...


Thanks Billy for the delicious dinner...sedap! lain kali belanja lagi k...hehe biar la gumuk asal kenyang! hehe

And guys....please support the movement against ISA & to free all the people that have been detained...buy the lovely t-shirt & wear it everywhere...;) Got 2 types of design...visit Malaysia Today for more info..;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

tihad id suang ginawo...

Osonong tomod daa do koboros toi ko obuli maan ku palapaso ngai-ngai nunu nopo id suang do ginawo om it soro-sorohon ku...

awagat tomod no kopio o ginawo ku momusorou nopo masalah nga aiso e' panyalasai..
nung pia tu noubas oku no do songungulun om berdikari ka di boros tokou, haro kasaii maso-maso do amu atahanan om amu no ooitan ngai it wagat do pomusarahan.

osorou ku po kasaii it sambayang ku mantad di tokoto oku po...mantad po di timpuun do koilo oku nu komoyon om guna di poboros om popoilo do kinorohingan ot nunu-nunu suang ginawo ku...gisom do dinondo, iri kasaii...boros2 ku timpu do sumambayang...

kolihu-lihu oku no kantoh do Yau id sawat tu, opurimanan ku gia makin nogi ogumu om osusa di dinondo...miagal do aa' ii koumbal Yau do mokinongou do samabayang ku..nga poingkuro po nga..mimang yoho sendiri sala' di...koilo oku ii..

maan ku no daa umbal-umbal do momisunud ngaii it nunu nopo korosi om kosusa ku'd hiti nga...au obuli tu iri nopo ngaii nga melibatkan suai tulun..mada oku do poporuol isai-isai do ginawo...

Osonong matu daa do haro koruhang di komoyon toko do koupusan kei...agaan kasai kanto topurimanan diti tosusa...nga okon ko bogia do kohingih-hingih oku mogihum isai-isai...boros-boros ku nopo rii...hehe

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kiss me a.r.s.e....in english!

That title got nothing to do with the topic discussed below.

So...i've been distancing myself from any political issue lately as the peak of everything that have been happening in the country starting to feel too much & also because it’s just helplessly frustrating [as it always does].

So I need a break. Every now & then I’ll go back & read a bit from the sites but only just.

I choose to be back again a few minutes back, & boy…as much as I want to take it lightly or maybe sometimes choose to be ignorant on certain facts…I can’t. I’m just overly concerned i may say on stuff that includes injustice & display of unethical moves or simply on the rubbish-garbage remarks.

Maybe I’m being biased on certain thing that goes against my personal views…or on things that I believe in, but it doesn’t seem to be much of an excuse for giving in to those people who are racist & simple-narrow-minded type of thinking.

At times, I do not agree with bits & pieces from our great Tun M, because I rather find him sometimes too obsessed with Pak Lah & full of hatred way beyond revamp towards DSAI…but still I read on & try not to make early judgments on what he’s trying to say..because i strongly believe everyone should have their own opinions on certain matter & should let it known for justice sake. Having said that though, still not all comments especially from the readers are edible.

I've just decided to buy the FREE RPK t-shirt & i think we all should too. I'm not going to start on the ISA issues. It pained me enough just reading it everywhere.

Till then...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mee Bandung

Joke for the day....

Untuk beberapa tahun, Ahmad Suffian telah mengadakan hubungan sulit dengan orang gajinya,Sutina ...Suatu hari, Sutina memberitahu Ahmad Suffian yang dirinya mengandung ...

Ahmad Suffian yang tidak mahu merosakkan perkahwinannya, telah mengambil keputusan untuk menghantar Sutina balik ke Bandung untuk melahirkan anak mereka di sana ...

Beliau berjanji akan menanggung segala kos untuk anak tersebut sehingga anaknya nanti berusia 18 tahun ...

Supaya rahsia mereka berdua tidak terbongkar, Ahmad Suffian menyuruh Sutina supaya menghantarkan sekeping poskad dengan menulis perkataan "Mee Bandung" dibelakangnya setelah anak mereka lahir nanti .. Ahmad Suffian akan menguruskan segala perbelanjaan untuk anaknya setelah mendapat poskad itu nanti ...

Suatu hari, 9 bulan selepas itu, ketika Ahmad Suffian pulang dari kerja, isterinya Norzalina menegur Ahmad Suffian dengan muka yang keliru ...

"Bang ... abang dapat poskad yang peliklah hari ni," kata Norzalina.

"Oh, tak pe ... bagi poskad tu kat Abang. Nanti abang jelaskan," kata Ahmad Suffian.

Norzalina pun memberi poskad itu kepada Ahmad Suffian dan melihat Ahmad Suffian membaca poskad tersebut, sebelum muka Ahmad Suffian bertukar menjadi biru, ungu dan terus pengsan!!

Poskad itu berbunyi ...

"Mee Bandung, Mee Bandung, Mee Bandung, Mee Bandung - 2 ada telur, 2 tiada telur. Tolong hantarkan kuah lebih ya!"

p/s mati2 sy ketawa nda berbunyi di opis...hahaha

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's killing me

i had a nasty migraine since Friday and it was getting worse up until last night..i could not even get up from the bed the whole day & i keep going to the toilet to throw up...teda lagi org mau jaga tu..kesian..i wish i'm at home & mom would take care of me like a baby..hehe

This morning i force myself up & made breakfast & took a shower...now i'm typing this post telling the whole world that i'm still alive..ha ha

mimang kin panas jg la kalau kena migraine like twice a month...& every time i had it, i keep telling myself to stop all the unhealthy stuff that may trigger the headache at the 1st place...

Maybe i will lah..no more smoking..n drinking...[sorry la well]..hehe

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've learned that poking through even a lil bit of cracks on the wall i've built was never a good thing...

No further comments.

Totally on different issue...i'm going to post about my favorite kids in the world tonight...;)

Mae when she's 3 years old

The above very cute budak is Avril Lisa Mae, my sis's first child & the one i'm very close to because she's the first kid that me, mom & sis can call our own..;) we always had this intention of getting anak angkat. Tu la ba boring kalau dua org ja adik beradik..kin bosan. haha

i think he's about one year old at this time

Then, 2nd child...that have exactly the look of my sis...muka penampang ni tau..haha comes Ian Carter..I always love the name Ian..si kakak yang dapat anak lelaki dulu..so dia rebut la tu nama..both of us love the name very much...tia pa la kasi can..nsb kiut ni budak..kalau nda..haha
I think, it was back when we were studying at the same secondary school that was in Stella Maris, we both have a crush on the guy next door..schooling at La Salle at that time..biasa la kalau sebelah sja skolah..mmg mo cuci mata la...but this Ian of ours was very2 cute la....hehe

Now Mae is about 5 years old..& Ian is around 3 to 4 years i think..;)

Still got the 3rd & 4th child of me sis..but i don't have their picture with me now...i miss all of them so so very very much...sometimes i have this regrets of not being around when they are growing up..i miss all the fun & beautiful thing of seeing a child you love so much learning their first word & teaching them to draw sin chan....or elmo..& singing the labah-labah song together...

'Satu labah-labah cuba panjat tinggi..
Bila hujan turun..cepat-cepat lari..
Terbit matahari..air tiada lagi..
Labah boleh panjat..sekali lagi...'

;( I just miss them so much...[sigh]

p/s tu nama Avril sama Carter tu bukan sy yg kasi nama aa..sy letak Lisa Mae ja..si kakak sembarang ja letak Avril di depan..terpengaruh btl! haha..sweet name juga la..then tu Carter pun tia tau pengaruh mana lg tu...;D

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Love Guru

Here i am working on my supposedly one full week holiday...& it's Monday..so i get all the blues & the yellows..;p

i started sleepy...then by the time i finish my work, i'm totally sleep-ing..haha
but right now....i just finish watching The Love Guru (yeah. u're right. in the office) & i really find it hilarious...aahh...you should just watch it..;)

ya..watch him..haha

My fav part?....Guru Pitka & Rajneesh sings the 'More than words'...;p it's just funny...and also...Jessica Alba is not bad at all at dancing the Indian dance..well i know she's good & all at dancing but this is just different..so two thumbs up for her..;) ..plus it's very entertaining..(at least for me) ;)

and...my fav line...

"People may say bad things about you...but you must never say bad things about yourself." - Guru Pitka

p/s You guys may as well kiss Jessica's Canadian arse...hahaha that's what she said anyway..Damn! hahaha

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Say it

"We have all met people who proudly proclaim 'I always say what i mean' or 'I always tell the truth'. Such utterances are warning signals. Because anyone who chooses always to be honest is abdicating from their responsibility as a fellow human being. They make it easy for themselves, because they have fixed norm with which to arrange their lives, whilst the world around them is entirely unprotected from the truth-teller. Life is sadly not so uncomplicated that we should in all circumstances say what we think, or how things really are." - Stefan Einhorn in The Art of Being Kind -

Lets say, a little girl comes up to you, shows you a drawing and tells you proudly that it is a picture of a cat. Do you tell her that it looks more like an exploding balloon?

Life is not so easy being independent after all. Some people just gladly rejoice in your mistake & make sure you won't miss all the i-told-u-so remarks or every single inch of the the false decision pointed right up on your face.

It dawned on me today at the office...when you see how people get so enthusiastic in proving that you have made a wrong choice & yet barely lift their head if you make something good.

Every day, we make decisions that affect other people, and we never exactly find out what most of the consequences of our actions are. So, we should throw up our hands and say that it doesn't matter what we do, because the consequences are in no way imaginable...

No. I don't think so. Be kind. It won't kill you.