Thursday, August 28, 2008


You are listening to it now.

It's Alicia Keys - Superwoman. I heard the song again last night & watched the clip again & again, repeatedly until i get sleepy.

It reminds me strongly of Mom at home.

I would like to dedicate this entry to my dear Mom, for being the greatest mom in the world to me...for being there no matter how hard it was for her...for raising me patiently & never thought of herself more than she should be...Life was hard for us back then, but she never once succumb to defeat..

I love her more than anything in this world and I will never again questions and waver from doing what I must do now regardless of what I may felt about it. I may not be able to express the gratitude i felt..for being there when I needed her to..we may never hug and kiss like others cause it would be too awkward for our own good.. but I know she love me and i hope she know I love her too..

This song is for you Mom. I love you.

Alicia Keys Lyrics
Superwoman Lyrics

Friday, August 22, 2008

Whoring With Chores

I do feel like Cinderella....:p

1. List down the household chores you HATE and WHY. Do you think you can survive without helpers and nannies?
2. Copy the image above (that's not exactly the pic lah..)
3. Tag as many you want - wifes, hubbies, mommies, daddies and even grannies can also join..
4. Add your blog's link in the domesticated divas linky love.
5.) Leave a comment at Stripe and Yellow to be added into the master list as seen below...

Psstt...can i just skip the rules? and make my own perhaps? hehe... sy nda tau ba mcmna mau buat semua tu..too complicated for my simple mind..yeay

I was watching Enchanted earlier and seeing Giselle doing the house work and singing merrily...i couldn't help whistling the tune now too (i've been dreaming of a true love la la)..while typing the posts..:)

Back at home...must-do chores that i hate & me mom always asked me to do are;-
1. Cleaning the least twice a week...sigh
2. least once a day (can u just imagine that?)
3. Wiping up dust...(it's everywhere!)

I guess the other house chores would be just fine for me lah...Me & my elder sister used to mop the floor using rags before..when we were young..we didn't used the mop because it's so much fun sliding up & down mopping like Cinderella...haha

Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Fabian Party

Yes. Fabian on Olympic...hehe It was a great party indeed. what with watching Usain Bolt finishing the 100m with definite style [grin]...right to Mr Welster ended up sprawling on the side of the road [i know..] haha...

Mmm...there's just so many things to do since i can't really update this post...i guess there's all there is to it then...

We did bbq...i made the 'hinava'...sadap lg tu...hehe followed by karaoke session..everyone's berebut mo nyanyi... Then we play some poker (black jack la act)...then....then..brapa byk then jg ni...hehe

All in all..i hope there will be another gathering like this again (the annual October Fest maybe..:p) but with the exception of Mr Fabian who's coming back to sabah for good soon...

Bye Fab~..hehe
All the best!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My 10 Celebrity Pictures....Tagged by Vera

Here we go~ hehe at last... i manage to dig out all the buried pictures hidden on my pc...Sorry Vera..took me so long to post this tag..:)

St Anne Feast this Year (2008)
with the nurses....:) Thanks Lex for the pics...

Frankie Chan said it's like a Dusun cover album...haha (trip artis di tamu dia bilang)

Secondary school memory.... i may say here it's an attempt to do sports cover of basketball team celebrating their wins..or did we loose? i don't quite remember..looks like a happy winning face to me...hehe

Why got 2 players with the no 17 jersey? Ni mo kasi salah si Ramai anak Impak ni..Dia yg susun no baju...sigh~ ;p

This must be around 2003/04..don't really quite recall...all those happy faces of the senior of mine...napa teda muka sy ni? ketara la kena suru ambi gambar..cis! hehe

With Mell during her visit@holiday from taking Med at Russia Uni... Miss her much...:) Pigi makan Thai Food ni di Queensbay...

Lanz, Lina, Me, Chan & Ben during our final Christmas celebration in Uni.. Bila lg kita mo jumpa ramai2 n mogs ni....hehe mmm...

Me singing during my first ever annual company dinner...:) kamu mo comment tu baju ka tu? i know..i know...hehe

Having a bite on the stobery...i spell that intentionally...hehe Nyum2...

....and saving the best for last....hehehe this is the closest i think on getting the pose of celebrity look....kunun masa masih kurus...haha

Thats my 10 celebrity pictures lah...not much of a celeb but it's the meaning & memories that count i guess...:).....i decide to end the tags here....:p

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Letter to My Future Wife..jeng3

read on peeps~

A Letter to My Future Wife

(Nyeh nyeh....Your usual tongue-in-cheek writer is getting a little bit corny this time around. So proceed at your own risk.)

Dear My Future/Potential Wife,

I am a simple man. A very simple man indeed. And being too simple most of the time leads the people around me to think that I am complicated. Here are the reasons why I am a very simple man.

I don’t expect you to be as gorgeous as Erra Fazira. She is beautiful but I find her rather bland and plain. I am simple.

I don’t expect you to be Angelina Jolie as well. I don’t find oozing too much sexuality and sensuality attractive. I am simple.

I don’t expect you to be like Oprah Winfrey either. You should know what I mean. Intelligence, checked. Unfortunately, beauty is not in the equation. Feminist, please don’t hate me.

So you can see that I am a simple man. I don’t ask much. I don’t set a really high standard. In general, I believe a decent men like me would want a wife that is decently beautiful. The next man you meet might have a completely different version of beauty but here are my criteria of beauty.

..............................................................................(for more on the criteria..check out the web below)


p/s i'm promoting this blog of Tri@KC...enjoy his rantings lah...:)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Girly eh?

You Are 24% Girly

You are a pretty hardcore tomboy, and a very free spirit.

Gender roles be dammed, you like to do things your way.

Sy ingat ayu btl sda sy ni...tgk2 tu list soalan mcm teda satu pun yg ngam..sikit mo panik..ui takkan teda satu pun sy buli jwb sy bilang..nsb ada jg skit2 last2...sigh~ mo berusaha lagi ni...hehe

I'm Not Okay...

Don't cry.
I can still do this. You just can't break now.

I hear voices in my head trying to keep me strong.
Come on. This is easy. There's no reason why i have to give up now.
I need to go somewhere. Tears are starting to fill my eyes & i can't just be seen weak here.
Toilet. Yes. That's where i go. That's the place everyone goes into for whatever reason they have in mind.

I locked myself up in one of those cubicle & try to breath calmly.
1..2..3..ok. i'm ok. or am i?

I don't really know why I'm being like this today. Well it do happen once in a while. But then, i suppose to know how to handle it.

The weight of responsibilities, dealing with personal matter (some people just add misery in your life), responsibility...responsible... ya, it's all about that actually. My heart feel heavy with unsettle many stuff i can't really say...

I wish i only have to think of myself & get done with whatever it is i wanted in life.
Ok. i know i shouldn't have said that.

Or maybe i wish some people should just leave me alone. Why can't they understand that i've had enough in my mind without them trying to make their way in & push me to tolerate! Everyone have their limit. Maybe people wanted me to be cruel. Ok. I never show that side of me. Maybe i should. Just because i don't know how to be angry or mad or yell at anyone...that doesn't mean i can't be one. Just because i choose silence in a fight & cry when i'm angry... That doesn't mean i can forever pretend that i don't know how to be that spoiled-rotten-bitch everyone would wish they never set eyes on.

Ok. Maybe i 'm not sure how to be one.
I'm in desperate need of a divine intervention.

Or maybe all i need is to make a joke. and then i'll laugh n everything would be just fine. :)
Ya..that's all i need to do.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Music & Me

I'm like Niki...or maybe Jessica.
We happen to fall under the same category. Not the hot-super-strength-single momma but more likely under the influence of split personality or maybe multiple personality disorder MPD, DID or whatever you call it. [ha ha..i wish!] teda kaitan sama post seterusnya pun...

Here comes the real story...
I just often wonder about that personality thing because more than always, i would change to one mood & another. hehe i know it's just call moody or girls-don't-know-what-she-think that always confuse a man but it's kind of cool saying the disorder thing...stupid. I know. [who cares anyway]'s only that i wanted to share how i listen to songs & how i actually interpret them in my own way. That's all there is to it. No disorder of any kind. [giggles]

There are so many songs i have in mind but i'll put only a few or else i would never get to post this then.

I always dream of singing this song to someone whom i have a big crush know..helplessly in love? [wink2] whenever i get to listen to this song, i will go crazy & smiling shamelessly to myself...

"What am I to you
Tell me darling true
To me you are the sea
Vast as you can be
And deep the shade of blue

When I look in your eyes
I can feel the butterflies
I love you when you're blue
Tell me darlin true
What am I to you"

la la la...

Or maybe whenever i listen to Colby O'Donis...i would smirk & feels like going to a club & donning the sexiest dress i got &...

"Yeah those guys wanna come treat ya right

Cause you're sweeter than apple pie
Everything that you want you got
Girl you know that you need to stop
Most beautiful thing in sight
Always takin' on the spotlight
Always in the club lookin hot
Girl you know that you need to stop..."

You know what i mean...[grin]

Whenever i'm alone at home & feeling emo i-miss-my-ex mood, hehe...i'll always feel like crying listening to this one. The lyrics doesn't really picture the story...just have some sentimental value to me...some old memories...too personal. sorry. he he

"Last thing you need's another pickup line
You must have heard them all a thousand times.."

I was like...yeah right. Like i care for any lame lines now. [straight face]

But...if below track comes banging on the stereo...i would automatically go cheery & feels like i'm the next rockers in the world kinda feeling...haha but i do love this feels much better than *** ....haha [mustahil!]

Or lastly...i felt like a lesbian~ haha [pernah terfikir la mo jadi]

.............................................................................................. [la la la]

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Career & Me...

Yesterday i applied for half day leave to attend the Mineral Resources Accreditation Interview done in USM. A few alumni have been invited to come & share their thoughts & experience after graduating & working in industry. I was the only one from my batch (2007 grad), a few from 2006 grad & the others were from 1994 grad! I was like...uhh these guys have been working for 10 to 18 years already...all of them were in the mining & mineral line of job & i was the only one who got lost somewhere in automotive. [sigh]

I'm glad i attended it because these guys were really interesting to talk to. I got this one guy Syukri card somewhere...wait, i go check in my hand bag it. mm he's actually Mr Shukeri Ismail who work in Advocet Mining PLC as a Metallurgist based in UK. The way he talk, one can imagine just how much he knew & how far experienced he is. He was saying much on how self confidence is the most important thing to success in just about anything you are doing. Believing in yourself & sticking to your opinion regardless of other people's objection would lead to a bright career especially when you are just beginning to make small steps in climbing the high & many floor of achievement.

I remember asking him, 'you can't always be right, what happen if you are actually sticking to something that is wrong?'
And of course he answered me by saying about the homework that needs to be done & facts to support the theory or solution proposed.
'All i'm saying is that you have to be confident especially when you are the only Malaysian surrounded by the Americans & Philippines. You can't keep quiet & be modest or staying humble as our culture here. You need to voice out your opinion & once you've done it, once you've make up your mind, stick to it till the end & finish whatever you started.' I know he was saying this based on experience.

Being a cynical type, i was already contradicting all the arguments & the facts of reality silently in my head. About not everybody have the right opportunity, chance or personality like him. Just like how not everyone can make the decision straight away without thinking of other priority & consequences. But deep down i know only that few people who dare to be different & willing to take the risk that will be successful.

We all went to dinner together that night...lecturers, the Dean[Dr Khairun] & all the other alumni. At dinner, things are less formal & we talked about much more other things non related to education. Again, i listen intently to everybody & learn new opinions & also at the same time motivating myself on the blurry side of my career path. We talked about history[Jews, Ibnu Sina], industry, even on why kids like theirs are not very keen to eat at certain age...hehe & somehow i actually brought up the subject about preserving culture especially the language[grin..buat mcm d boring2 loop pula]. And the argument last for a while. hehe

I remember one post in my Friendster blog on how i always dream of doing something big, or something which is important to me...& again i was reminded of those during the time spent among these metallurgists, mining engineers, lecturers, mining managers.... So where am i now...? mmm...

Mr Shukeri asked me, 'so...are you going to be in this industry for a long time? i mean in what you are doing right now.'
'No.' was my first answer.
'i'll definitely go to the right direction as in what i studied to be, some time later...till the opportunity comes.' i said looking him direct in his eyes.

So we all exchange cards & promise to attend more of get together like that one...
I headed home with all thoughts running through my head... so whats next?