Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bila kana call pukul 3 pagi...

...ini lah kejadian dia. Terpaksa ada luahan nda tahan mau simpan nda dapat tidur.

Satu ja la sy mau bagitau kau. Jangan telampau jahat sama orang sebab apa pun yang berlaku akan jadi sama semua orang juga bergantung sama macamna gaya kau selama ini. You reap what you sow. Or the famous saying of what comes around will always comes back around. 

Cuma kadang-kadang, kalau pasal mentaliti, susah mau ubah sebab kalau sudah memang tembirang seja gaya sama cara berfikir memang tembirang seja la tu biar apa pun kau cakap. Ramai juga yang nda pandai sedar yang kalau dorang buat jahat sama orang sekarang, benda-benda begitu mesti (200% mesti) akan berlaku juga sama dorang tu lain kali. Telampau banyak sudah contoh berlaku mcmtu. Kalau kau masih nda tau, then you'll have your time soon. Bukan juga mau menyumpah orang tapi mcmtu seja baru orang sedar supaya jangan telampau jahat sama kasi betul sikit tu pikiran lah kalau buli.

Jangan ada tu fikiran yang kalau masa tu kau ada duit, 'ada-ada' la orang bilang, semua orang lain yang miskin kau mau pandang rendah. Atau kau mau sampai orang terfikir yang kau anggap dia mcm sampah-sampah seja teda guna-guna sebab apa harta pun teda jadi apa cakapan pun nda buli pakai. Kau gila kah? Ingat orang kaya seja punya cakapan buli guna kah?

Ni kali tia pa. Saya faham juga kenapa mau buat begini. Kasi chance la. Lain kali, bila sampai sudah masa dia semua benda mau bongkar kasi shove di muka kamurang, I wish to God saya ada sana masa tu. How dare you do all these things to the person I love most.

All the things she and I have been wanting to say to all of you. Especially her. Saya nda apa lagi, muda lagi baru 17 tahun jadi ada banyak lagi benda yang saya belum terasa semua. Tapi pigi buat benda begitu sama orang yang berpuluh-puluh tahun suda hidup di dunia. Macam nda cukup-cukup lagi kesusahan mau kasi rasa. Jaga la kamurang semua betul-betul nanti.

Sabar seja la dulu ah. Everything will always go right in the end.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Of Being Dusun

I almost forgot just how proud I have always been of being born a Dusun girl. Of how unique the culture and the language are. And how beautiful everything it represents.

It must be because I've been listening to Dusun's songs almost everyday these last few weeks and sometimes it feels closer to home and it makes me realize that I'm not that Penangite after all.

I have to thank my friend Jewin for telling me about his sister's blog (in which I have taken instant likeness after reading the first entry) and also the song in the post that have made all the forgotten emotion to re-surface and I have this huge fondness for the kid Sakril Sidik @ Adi who sang that song, Tinggur Bulawan beautifully. It's just so sad that he passed away too soon. May his soul rest in peace.

There's so much to tell about Dusun and I'm not quite sure if I can do the justice it deserve in writing so here's something short taken from Wikipedia. If you want to know more, go get a Dusun friend now. ;-)

"The vast majority of Kadazandusuns live in the hills and upland valleys and have a reputation for peacefulness, hospitality, hard work, frugality, drinking, and are averse to violence, although in the recent past they did indulge in headhunting as part of their tribal wars.

Kadazandusuns are known as the Latin artists of the East, being famous in the state for love and passion for music. Their traditional dances appear attractive and gentle full of passion for life, making the Kadazandusun culture a popular and beautiful one, and much sought by tourists to Sabah.

Even though Kadazandusuns are known for their peaceful nature, they are also well known for their bravery and defiant nature towards oppression and foreign rule." - Wikipedia

I once had a chat with Jewin about the on-going dispute between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Claire: Macamna la kalau tiba-tiba durang pigi serang kita?
Jewin: Nda payah takut ba kita di Sabah. Kita kan born warriors.


p/s Intangai ku kaagu ti sorita nga amu pama haro dusun-dusun dau pointulis...iti nopo nga kosukup lah. :-D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Make It Go Away

My chest have been hurting since last night. It hurt so much it won't go away anymore. It is there all the time and all I can do to ignore it is to keep myself busy with work. It's not because I had a nasty cough or that I ran into a pole, but it's like the one you feel when you lost something you hold dear, or when you realize that it's hurting too much, or when you see someone you love can never be happy with you the way they are happy with somebody else.