Friday, February 17, 2012

Always End Your Day With Good Thoughts And Feelings


At least I'm feeling alright now.

I just feel the need to share with you one of my favorite quote today. I remember this while talking to my good friend earlier.

"If you doing ordinary things everyday, you will always be ordinary. If you want to be extraordinary, then start doing something extraordinary."

Hope that will keep you get start in anything you've been dreaming of. [smile]

You Can All Go To Hell

I'm reeling with emotion right now. Somehow the day just turn out wrongly for me. I guess it's because of the bottled up emotion I have been keeping all these time or there's just something wrong with either me or everybody else.

I hate.

I'm frustrated.

I'm tired.

I'm unhappy.

That's how my feelings are towards a few different things today.

I think I need to put some distance between myself and everybody else.

But still for now...bear with me. I don't like posting these kind of articles as well but I just want to let this out here to stabilize my feeling because I have business appointment about half an hour from now and I don't want this stupid thing to disturb me and affect my presentation.

Taking a deep breath and I'm out! And also, f**k you...~in general direction.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Day

I woke up this morning with a 'Happy Valentine' wish. It was simple but enough to make me feel warm and happy inside. Thank you.

I tried something to make the day feel more 'celebrated' but it didn't work out well and I felt a bit disappointed but I guess it's okay since everyday is a lovey day for me. []

Then, I spend the night of Valentine's day this year following up with my business partner on a business that I'm currently developing and while I was on my way to meet them, it came across my mind that this is just one of the many things that I may need to sacrifice later along the journey for me to become a successful person. I'll be spending my 28th birthday this year on a business conference in KL and there goes another special day without close friends and loved one. I just hope they will understand what and why I'm doing this for myself now and still support me all the way.

I stop expecting too much from anything or anyone a long time ago that if something didn't happen or not what it should be, I can deal with it much better now. I just let it go and still try my best anyway. I know this might not make any sense to any of you. A lot of other things are all in my head but I just feel the need to type it up, lest I forget that I once thought and felt this way.

Till then. Don't worry. And be happy. [smile]