Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pixie Lott

My latest addiction.

I can't quite describe the feeling when i'm obsessed over a particular song or tune. It's like falling in love all over again. Can you imagine that? Just like how i would want to see the person i'm in love 24/7, i would want to listen to the song every minute & every second whenever i can. Lina, my best friend+ex-roommate+ex-coursemate+ex-schoolmate+ex-basketballmate+ex-navymate can testify to that. I honestly think that she's secretly complaining and given the chance, she would have toss my pc's speaker out back then.

If you are wondering about the effects of such songs to me, try listening to these favorite artist of mine...and you know you have fall for it when there's a surge of warm feeling inside your heart. ;)

Love her.

The magical and enchanting voice...singing through beautiful words put together in a lyric...and the melody completes the whole tune and making it the perfect love potion for me.

Main influence.

I can still remember when Norah Jones first made her debut in the music industry. She sound so unique and different, i could not really decide whether to like her songs or not. Then i found one particular song of her that change my life forever. What Am I To You. From that moment on, i was officially her loyal fan for life.

My sweet song.

From the movie P/S I Love You, that's how Toby's voice caught my attention & lucky me, i discover another voice that can easily swept me off my feet.

Bitter sweet taste.

I was driving back from work one evening when Zee's single, Bitter Heart played on air and i actually waited till the song finished before i went out from my car. Needless to say, i straightly went looking for the songs on the net and it was a full whole week of same track lists on my winamp.

Through stormy weather.

Now that i'm posting this, i am once again reminded of the movie that kind of change my life and help me see life through a more positive and beautiful way. It made me want to explore myself and see the hidden or the obvious potential that lies beneath waiting to be discovered and realized. And i know i can always count on Lucy and The Women whenever i'm in need of daily motivation.

Always my favorite.

I'm not sure if Pink is in the right group but i just can't leave her out of this. Right from her first single to her latest album, let just simply say, i love it all. And it's an open secret that i fancy her voice very much, i wish i can sound exactly like her. She practically rock and spin my world turning it absolutely upside down and makes me so overwhelmed i can't find the right words to correctly decribe her awesomeness!

Thinking about how music really play a big influence on me, i really should do something about it. For now, let me see how i can turn that thought into action & anything, i hope i can post something about it in future. Shush...i can't really discuss about it. It'll jinx the whole idea.

Till then, be merry & be good. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On this Day

"So... On this Day Out of Time:
Who can you forgive today?
And what would you like to be forgiven for?" - Jason Mraz on his FB notes

I want to...no..I am going to forgive my colleague sitting next to me for being such a pain in the ass this morning. And i would like to be forgiven for any bad feelings you may have towards me right now.

So we're cool right? :)

Monday, August 10, 2009



If you ever feel alone in this world, then we are all together in that too.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Thank God It's Friday?

I woke up at 10am this morning then took a shower and sat down in front of the pc browsing through facebook. Made myself a cup of coffee and an instant maggie goreng for breakfast. I was halfway through My Start-Up Life pages when i got the call from the WAO or the WCC which stands for Women's Centre for Change in Penang about the email i sent them two days ago.

No. I'm not being abused or anything. Come to think of it. I am infact being abused. Emotionally.

It's just that i'm looking for other option beside the police report that i made against the physco guy that have been harrasing me emotionally all these years. It's a great relief actually. Ms Annie, the lady that took care of my case advice me to go and follow up the police report i made last year & to feedback to them the necessary actions that the police promise after that.

Talking to a woman in charge, is a nice change cause she understand how i feel when i told her that i'm worried that the police will not take me seriously & about the they-think-it's-funny remarks they said at me at the police station. Imagine being in a room full of policemen & i have to repeat the story over and over again every time a new police comes in and dreaded the words that may comes out from their mouth. Words like 'ala....lelaki ni mesti suka kat u punya.' 'ooo....cerita lama la ni.' And then go senyum2 looking at me. Damn it's taking all of my self control not to scream words back at them.

My second 'visit' to the police this afternoon did not really went well initially. The same look and remarks was being said and bla..bla...bla..sy malas mo go through that bikin sakit hati. Luckily one officer, maybe their chief at that station took over & talk things through with me. At least he offer some logic explanation of why they can not really do anything if there's no physical offense & at least he did some silent moment thinking hard of ways to tackle the problem & offer solution after solution that i can agree upon.

Bukan macam satu polis tu, 'ala..u dah kawin belum? haa...kalau u kawin mesti dia tak kacau dah lepas ni.' I was like, wtf.suruh org kawin pula cara dia mo suru selesai.wtf la btl2.

Now i only have to wait for just another 'hide and seek' with the weirdo & he can play 'police and thief' with the police.

On different story tho, i had my lunch in one of the shops nearby the housing area before making my way to the police station. I took white rice & the steamed ikan bawal and that cost me RM6. I don't know about you but i still feel that's expensive! Maybe i was getting so used to cooking at home & that home made steamed ikan bawal won't cost me that much so i was quite suprise that satu ekor ikan can cost me around RM5. Ridiculous. Reminds me of one article that made a sarcastic remarks on how fish seems to be the makanan orang kaya instead of chicken in a country such as ours. I actually called my mom about it and she laugh saying that in Sabah, that meal would have cost me around RM10. Now that would have me want to open my own rice+steamed ikan bawal shop & sell it for RM3 just like any other fish! Something as essential as food is not supposed to be expensive! Now go vote for me to be the menteri makanan.

Then i spent my remaining day cleaning up the house & putting up the curtain at the front door. Now you can't see me through the see through sliding door anymore. And the living room look much nicer. :) After that i tried my hands at menebas/mencabut rumput at the small lawn area but stopped when i realized that it will not look very nice if all the grass and weeds are gone. I wonder where are all the tukang rumput these days.

It's been a long day. 10.32pm now. Should i go to sleep? or go for a beer? or go out and about? Hmm...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Gerard Butler.

He really does get mentioned more than any other actor in this blog. Lucky him. The Ugly Truth will only be shown in Malaysia on September this year, that's about a month more to wait.

I literally fell in love with him in 300 & from that moment on, everything-he-touched-turned-to-gold kind of experience for me whenever he's a cast in a movie. You should really watch him in 300, P/S I Love You, Nim's Island, Lara Croft and so on. His Scottish accent and the sexy vibe, not to forget that when he opens his mouth and sing, everything melts. [grin]

Men and their effect on me. sigh~ [still grinning]

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just Rambling

Not everything you plan goes on smoothly. That's why the advice is to always have a plan B or something of the sort.

There must be a reason why some things happen. Or maybe that's just our way of reasoning or just excuses for things that did not go as we intended it to.

Or maybe it was just bad judgement. How are we suppose to know what's coming right?