Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life... simple. Maybe just not easy.

I wonder how the writers do it. They must have lots of writer's block moment and yet they keep coming in with new books and stories. I don't exactly have any kind of block but it's just that whenever I have something to write about, before I even start typing a few words, there's always this heavy feeling or excuse coming out from deep within my chest that makes me stop and never start on anything.

There has been so much things going on in these last few months and naturally for other people who's having this kind of moments, there will be much to tell...lots of stuff to share but suddenly I'm becoming more private than ever.

Life has been fair. I'm grateful for everything. Whether it's hard, it's great or it's confusing...gratitude is all i feel right now.

Sometimes you see people around you chasing after something, walking fast to be there first, to save the time and go to the next thing. Even myself feel impatient with how things are turning out once in while. There's always a need to feel something in a blink of an eye. To have something right away.

But at this very moment, I feel like I just want to go slow with the flow of life. Something like going slow motion with living. I don't want to hurry but be there when it happens.

And I'm happy just the way I am now.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Life is what happen when you busy not making any plans but just live life the way you know how.