Friday, September 25, 2009

October Rain

....of movies.

Movie date anyone? It's Sandra Bullock & Bradley Cooper. You would not want to miss it. :)

Zooey is the girl Allison, from the movie Yes Man. Very cute. And Gordon-Levitt? Double cute. He got this Heath Ledger-ish kind of face and yes, very talented.

Again, Bradley Cooper. [drool~]
I have already watched this like months ago on a downloaded version from the internet. And i think i am going to go watch it again because damn~ this movie is so cool (at least to me) and so fucked-up i was literally open-mouthed in astonishment last time.

I don't have to say much really. It's Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. Of course i'll be there.

Apart from the book being an international bestseller so the story line is sure a good one, Eric Bana is in it and on something totally off the point, the heroine is named Clare. So i really should be there right? [you can puke now]

So that's October for me. How about you? ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

16 Sept

Mom called last night.

"Esok kamu pun cuti ka?"
"Aah? Nda la."
"Ai. Bukan Hari Malaysia ka esok? Sabah saja cuti ka? Jadi tu Penang bukan Malaysia?"
"Ntah la mami, bukan Malaysia la kali sini ni. Buduh kan. Biar la."

That was what our conversation was about. So i guess, nobody in Peninsular cares about the formation of Malaysia on 16 Sept. Pffftt. How about next year, on 16 Sept Sabah pull out of Malaysia and this particular day will still always be a public holiday but for more meaningful reason.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Somebody gotta pinch me coz i ain't goin' to stop listening to this song. [wink wink]

Friday, September 4, 2009

What Not

There's a lot of common foundation in a relationship that we always have to look into so that we can be certain of a positive growth with our partner but right now i can only comes up with these two things. Just my two cents on Friday evening.

Acceptance & Forgiveness

It's not about 'it's your fault', but 'I'm sorry'. Not 'where are you', but 'I'm right here'. Not 'how could you', but 'i understand'. Not 'i wish you were', but 'I'm thankful you are'.

In any relationship, you should always keep in mind to balance whatever things going on between you and your partner.

If your other half did something bad and genuinely says that he/she's sorry after that. Forgive him/her. Everyone make mistakes. At that time, it may be his/her wrong judgment, but be sure that you'll have your turn too in the future. Nobody's perfect. A fight or any mistake should be deal with mutual understanding on both party. It's funny how we can say that friendship or job's mistake can makes us stronger and good but when it comes to love, it's merely the other person's fault and that you were hurt.

There are times when even if you think that your partner maybe the sole cause of a fight or a mistake, be with him/her and bear the blame together. Help to ease the guilt they are feeling inside. In one way or another, i always believe that it's never a one person mistakes but it happens because both of you are allowing it to. Take your share on the problem. Pointing fingers should never be done and the last thing you want is to take revenge and in returns makes your partner feels just how much it hurt you or just how bad he/she was. Trust me, he/she will feel resentment towards you in future.

Sharing & Understanding

We decide to be in a relationship because we want someone other than ourselves. We were alone before that so basically we did all the things alone. We are capable of doing that.

So when it comes to an opinion, he/she should not be telling you that you have to get up on your ass and deal with everything on your own. To be in control or something more classic - to get hold of your own happiness. To be in a relationship is to share. To rely on each other shoulder if things get tough. If all you can tell your partner is go and be independent, then why in the hell did you agree to be with her/him in the relationship at the first place? I don't mean that you have to be totally dependent on your partner because that's a big no for me but at least when the problem is beyond him/her control physically or emotionally, you should be there. And when she/he actually comes up and meekly say that she/he doesn't know what to do, the last thing you should ever say is to ask back - what do we do now? If she/he knows that, she/he would not be asking you at the first place. If you don't know what to say, make up of something good to say..or just listen and hug him/her to let them know that everything will be alright. Even if it's not.

I'm not an expert but i was just sharing what i think are the right thing at least for me to do in every similar situation. Talk is cheap i know, but at least you try. Sometimes silence is even more damaging than saying it out loud. It's all a matter of a good timing.

As for my own relationship now... :) i'll keep that private but if you need to know, then i'll tell you this, i'm perfectly happy and that every difficulties are just a test of what we learn from each other and to see if we really understand it. It's just like learning things in school really. The relationship is the school. And those two person in it are both the teacher and the student taking turns... it's a give and take.

That's all i can think of right now... I'll jot in a more complete ending and substance when i have proper ideas in my head. So for now, that's it. [he he he]

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who Am I To Say

Now that it come to this, there's really nothing i can do.

I tried. But it's never enough.
So i won't say a thing anymore.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A new handbag? Absolutely!

29th August 2009

Boarded a flight to KL. Sitting in between an old man and a young lady. Both wearing a face mask. Searched a mask for myself inside the bag but then i realized that i never actually buy one. Arrive in KL, met Alex waiting at KL Central.

Looking around for a cheap-but-nice inn or motel around Bukit Bintang to stay in for the night. Plenty around but finally choose the Bintang Garden Hotel. Went to Mid Valley for lunch while waiting for Lina to arrive from Labuan.

Lina reached KL Central hours later. Took Lina out for lunch (had a second round lunch!) and the not-so-window shopping started after that. Saw so many items and yet so limited time makes me and Lina a wee bit anxious on tossing up between scarfs, smocked waist surplice dress and shorts. Sungei Wang Plaza to Low Yatt Plaza to BB Plaza to Lot 10 to Times Square.

Colin joined us on later. A 3rd round lunch for me and Alex. Whoa~!
Took note that a belly bloated with food is not a very great idea of going hunting for items on sale. Colin and Alex keeps on mentioning the marriage topic over foods. Keep badgering me and Lina as to when we will be getting hitch. Makes me wonder who's the women around there. Me and Lina has long agreed with the idea on not rushing up marriage until we both ready/find our own Mr Really Right. We even contemplated on getting babies on our own without going down the isle. Why? 'cause we sometimes feel that people makes it so complicated just to get married. May as well opt for single decision.

Went on to Laundry Bar at The Curve later that night. Me and Lina had such great time checking on girls and a few men. Don't get me wrong. We simply appreciate great beauty and styles. [wink wink]

30th August 2009

Woke up around 10am and went for a quick not-so-window shopping again before checking out at 12pm and started the journey from Kl Central to LCCT and finally to Penang.

Reached Penang around 4pm and then went straight to Queensbay for another shopping before going to Kayu Nasi Kandar to have Lina first ever Penang nasi kandar after almost 2 years. KC and Lina met for the first time. She likes him and sort of gave me her blessings. [ha ha ha]

Went to Jewin, Wel and Joel's house after that to drink up the Chivas Lina bought from Labuan. Henry and Frankie were already there. The guys consider 1 Liter of Chivas as a nice warm up and we continue for bottles and bottles of beer at Kafe Dusun. It was a really nice session with us catching up and telling stories of our all time favourite childhood games (main biji getah, 'polisentep', kurutut and so on). We later found out that Jewin was the best tree climber among us all as a kid. Siapa paling banyak luka sama dahan paling tinggi dan paling kurus dia dapat naik adalah kriteria pemenang.

That's how we celebrate the countdown of merdeka for Malaya this year and all of us headed home around 4am in the morning.

31st August 2009

Jewin treated Lina and I to a delicious lunch at Victoria Station (Jewin sampai mengantuk-ngantuk mo kasi habis stik kerana suasana sungguh semintel dia cakap :D). The sizes of the steaks were enormous we took more than an hour to finish our meal.

After parting with good bye words to Jewin who's returning to Johor that night, we made our way to Prangin Mall for another round of shopping. Again, shopping with a stomach so full and stuffed was not really a good idea but for the love of skirts and dresses, we still manage to cover Ground Floor up till 3rd floor of the shopping complex. This time, Frankie was with us so while he's looking into a pair of new Levis's jeans, i took my time resting my legs.

Later on that night, we went to Batu Feringghi and bought a few stuff at the long and endless night market stalls. After half way of strolling along the row of stalls, we decided to call it a day. I suggested that Lina should have her much craved Lok Lok so we stopped by Gurney Drive and ate as much as we possibly can and after that go 'melepak' and chit chat for a while at the Gurney Drive. It was around 11.00pm when we decided to head back home respectively.

Needless to say, it's quite a tiring trip with painful foot and aching back not to mention being dehydrated but it was really worth it. :) I really had a good time! Tho, I didn't buy any new handbag as per post title~ [giggle]

I hope you had an awesome merdeka holiday as well. :)