Friday, February 17, 2012

You Can All Go To Hell

I'm reeling with emotion right now. Somehow the day just turn out wrongly for me. I guess it's because of the bottled up emotion I have been keeping all these time or there's just something wrong with either me or everybody else.

I hate.

I'm frustrated.

I'm tired.

I'm unhappy.

That's how my feelings are towards a few different things today.

I think I need to put some distance between myself and everybody else.

But still for now...bear with me. I don't like posting these kind of articles as well but I just want to let this out here to stabilize my feeling because I have business appointment about half an hour from now and I don't want this stupid thing to disturb me and affect my presentation.

Taking a deep breath and I'm out! And also, f**k you...~in general direction.

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