Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Day

I woke up this morning with a 'Happy Valentine' wish. It was simple but enough to make me feel warm and happy inside. Thank you.

I tried something to make the day feel more 'celebrated' but it didn't work out well and I felt a bit disappointed but I guess it's okay since everyday is a lovey day for me. [smile.smile.]

Then, I spend the night of Valentine's day this year following up with my business partner on a business that I'm currently developing and while I was on my way to meet them, it came across my mind that this is just one of the many things that I may need to sacrifice later along the journey for me to become a successful person. I'll be spending my 28th birthday this year on a business conference in KL and there goes another special day without close friends and loved one. I just hope they will understand what and why I'm doing this for myself now and still support me all the way.

I stop expecting too much from anything or anyone a long time ago that if something didn't happen or not what it should be, I can deal with it much better now. I just let it go and still try my best anyway. I know this might not make any sense to any of you. A lot of other things are all in my head but I just feel the need to type it up, lest I forget that I once thought and felt this way.

Till then. Don't worry. And be happy. [smile]


stan said...

Happy valentine day then ;p....being far away from family make u lonely. But it make u strong as a person...pro and con in life...

Claire said...

:) True...luckily I still have a few close friends around to be there for me...Thanks for the wish.. :)